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The Community Education program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art for both the Manchester and Sharon Arts Center campuses, is dedicated to providing community access to a wide range of classes and workshops that inspire learning,creativity, and appreciation of the visual arts. We supply something special for all of our students, as well as encourage you to envision your own artistic potential and to explore your creativity with us. We hope to make your experience in Community Education the best possible and look forward to seeing you soon at either one of our locations.

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Summer 2014 Art Classes and Workshops Catalog





PLEASE NOTE the locations for classes are indicated on class descriptions
Courses listed in RED are located at SHARON: (SAC Campus)457 NH Rte. 123, Sharon, NH.
Courses listed in BLUE are located at MANCHESTER: (NHIA Campus) 148 Concord Street, Manchester, NH.


Youth and Teen Programs
Book Arts
Creative Writing
Metalsmithing and Jewelry
Meet the Masters
Mt. Washington Summer Workshops
Photographing Athens, Greece Program


Behold the Book
Sharon / Celeste Wasilewska
Using basic bookbinding techniques, we will create a variety of structures. Students will learn Coptic bindings, such as the French and chain stitches along with other accessible sewing techniques. Learn to make your own paste papersfor coverings, how to effectively tint pages, and use a varietyof papers and materials to build your books. Discover themany possibilities of the handmade book. Four or more structures will be made during this course. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Thu, July 10 – Aug 145:30 – 8:30 pm / 6 Weeks
SDEC033 / Tuition: $155; Member Rate: $132


Fundamentals of Wheelwork
Manchester / Steve Murphy
This introductory class is specifically designed to familiarize novice level students, as well as those seeking a refresher course, with the fundamentals of using a potter’s wheel. All basic techniques of wheel working, from centering to trimming,will be explored. This course may be taken more than once. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Mon, May 19 – July 28 / 6 – 8:50 pm
10 Weeks / AM001 (No class May 26)
MCER0001 / Tuition: $220

Ceramics Open Studio
Manchester / Theresa Taylor
Sharon / James Mitschmyer
This course is the perfect opportunity for intermediate to advanced level potters to work independently with a professional potter on-hand for guidance. Students will receive personal help on the wheel and in the techniques associate with hand building, glazing, and firing.
MCER004A / Tue, May 20 – July 226 – 8:50 pm / 10 Weeks / AM001
Tuition: $220 Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Wheelworking or Fundamentals of Handbuilding.
Limit: 12
SCER004B / Tue, July 8 – Aug. 26 / 6 – 9 pm / 8 Weeks
(No class July 15th)
Tuition: $207; Member Rate: $176
Material Fee: $60
Additional evening and weekend hours will be posted monthly. Prerequisite: Clay for All Levels. Limit: 8

Boundaries of the Bowl
Manchester / Chris Archer
This workshop begins with the seemingly simple, yet quite diverse and complex nature of open bowl forms. From the points of view of boundaries and tangents, the design and execution of bowl forms become creative spaces for students to find a personal voice. Through demonstration and hands-on trial, we will explore various techniques of throwing, altering, and trimming this particular form. By providing these practices the examination of refinement,balance of technical and aesthetic concerns, and personalizing can be identified and investigated. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 10
Sat, Aug. 2 (10 am – 5 pm) and Sun, Aug. 3 (1 – 5 pm) / 2 Days / AM001
MCER063 / Tuition: $110

Decorative Tile
Sharon / James Mitschmyer
In this class, students will learn how to make press molds to produce multiples from a single decorative tile design. We will cover designing and making prototypes, choosing and mixing plaster, and basic mold making. Bring sketches, photos, and other sources for inspiration to create your decorative tiles. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 8
Sat and Sun, Aug. 9 and 10 / 10 am – 4 pm / 2 Days
SCER076 / Tuition: $165; Member Rate: $140
Material Fee: $20

Printing in Clay II (Lithography)
Sharon / James Mitschmyer
In this intermediate class, students will learn lithographic printing techniques on clay. We will cover how to make oil based ceramic printing inks and how to use polypropylene plates to print on clay forms. Bring sketches and/or photos to work from. We will focus on printing on flat surfaces, but students are welcome to bring leather-hard works in progress to print on. Prerequisite: Printing in Clay or Clay for All Levels. Limit: 8
Sat and Sun, Aug. 16 and 17 / 10 am – 4 pm / 2 Days
SCER075 / Tuition: $165; Member Rate: $140
Material Fee: $20


The Personal Narrative/Memoir
Sharon / Pam Bernard
We all have a story to tell about our lives, whether we envision that story to be told in a series of short narratives, or a full-length memoir. But often we don’t know how to start, what to make of it if we have started—how to shape it or expand it—and perhaps most important, who will listen and care as this sometimes bumpy process unfolds. The workshop will be a nurturing, productive atmosphere where we go forward as a group toward a better understanding of how to draft, shape, and finish your personal narrative/memoir, no matter what form it takes. This course will provide a community of writers where each will be encouraged to share work and receive careful, particularized attention—a place safe enough to discuss ideas and thoughts, and where participants’ personal narratives are given thoughtful, rigorous feedback. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Wed, July 9 – Aug. 27 / 9:30 am – 12:30 pm / 8 Weeks
SCRW001 / Tuition: $207; Member Rate: $176

Manchester / S Stephanie
Sharon / Pamela Bernard
John Berger says that poetry heals the immediate wound. But have you ever wondered how a good poem works, why we struggle to read or write poetry, given the limited word count, and why we search out poetry when a tragedy descends? What is it about a poem that can transmit wisdom in a way that changes our molecules? This course, open to all levels of interest and proficiency, will focus on reading and writing poems that transcend mere sentiment with a broad, flexible structure. Pertinent readings on craft will lead to discussion and examples of well-known poets’ works. Styles, eras, and movements will be explored in this context. Writing prompts will be given and ample time provided for drafting new work. You will find the atmosphere welcoming and safe, while at the same time challenging. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
MCRW004A / Wed, July 9 – Aug. 13 / 6 – 8 pm
6 Weeks / FB13
Tuition: $165
SCRW004B / Wed, July 9 – Aug. 27 / 1 – 4 pm / 8 Weeks
Tuition: $207; Member Rate: $176


Beginning Drawing
Manchester / Peter Clive
This course is designed for the first-time art student and deals with the basic concepts and foundational techniques associated with proper drawing. Classroom exercises exploring line, space, form, and value, combined with figure and still life studies, will comprise the majority of the course content. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Mon, June 30 – Aug. 18 / 6 – 8:50 pm
8 Weeks / FB8
MDRA002 / Tuition: $176
Model Fee: $20

Drawing Intensive
Sharon / Ellie Clough
This course is designed for the first-time art student and deals with the concepts and techniques needed to begin to draw well. Classroom exercises exploring line, space, form, and value, combined with still life studies, will comprise the majority of the course content. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Tue – Thu, 1 – 4 pm / 6 Days
SDRA047B: Aug. 12 – 14 and 19 – 21
Tuition: $155; Member Rate: $132
Mon – Fri, 10 am – 1 pm / 5 Days
SDRA047/C: Aug. 11 – 15
Tuition: $129; Member Rate: $110

Objective: Perspective
Sharon / Robert Seaman
The sheer mention of the word perspective often generates anxiety in the aspiring artist, but unfairly so, for it’s simply the way we see things. This workshop explores, explains, demonstrates, and then applies how we use various types of perspective to create an impression of depth in our paintings and drawings. We will demystify and simplify the subject to make it understandable and useful. Prerequisite: Beginner drawing experience. Limit: 12
Sat, Aug. 23 / 10 am – 4 pm / 1 Day
SDRA048 / Tuition: $95, Member Rate: $80


Weaving Open Weaves
Sharon / Connie Gray
Create lightweight, lacy fabrics for the warm weather ahead. Learn to weave Huck Lace, Bronson, Swedish Lace, and other hand-manipulated techniques on our 4 or 8 shaft looms. A sampler of these techniques will allow you to select one for an individual project. Instruction will be both group and individual formats, from planning the project to completion. Ability to dress a loom is a pre-requisite for this class, and students should provide their own yarns (materials list sent upon registration). Additional open studio hours will be available outside of class time. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 7
SFIB009B: Wed, July 23 – Sep. 10 / 10 am – 1 pm / 7 Weeks
(No class Aug. 26 and 27)
Tuition: $181; Member Rate: $154


Boro: Hard Glass Made Easy
Sharon / Janet Duchesneau
Explore the basics of lampworking with borosilicate glass on a minor burner torch. Students will learn about equipment, materials, and tools and how to safely use them to form and control molten glass with skill. This class will also discuss various techniques, designs, and patterns specific to borosilicate glass. Create beads for jewelry, critters, pendants, marbles, small sculpture and more as you gain control of the versatility of this exciting medium. Students will also be allowed to work in Moretti glass. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 8
Wednesdays / 10 am – 1 pm / 4 Weeks
SGLA001A: July 9 – July 30
SGLA001B: Aug. 20 – Sep. 10
Tuition: $95; Member Rate: $80
Material Fee: $25; additional open studio time available for hourly fee

Glass Fusing and Slumping
Sharon / Hal Danser
Come make dramatic and artistic fused and slumped glass creations, including plates, coasters, bowls, and jewelry. These workshops will cover fusing and design techniques in making stunning three dimensional works of art using glass frits and stringers, full and tack fusing, slumping, draping, pattern bars, cold working, and different types of glass. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 6
Thursdays / 6 pm – 9 pm / 4 Weeks
SGLA003/E: Aug. 7 – Aug. 28
Tuition: $95; Member Rate: $80
Material/Firing Fee: $100 – 200 (depending on scope of projects), payable to instructor at class.



Jewelry Casting Techniques
Sharon / Joe Montroy
Learn about metal casting and jewelry making as you design and create wax models for the centrifugal casting process. Once your model is complete, you’ll cast it in bronze or silver, clean it up, and finish the surface. Tools, equipment,wax, bronze and silver will be provided for the project. Additional information covered includes sand casting, direct pour processes, creating stone settings in wax, finishing, problem solving, and small-scale production. You will be able to produce several finished pieces for jewelry, sculptural, and functional applications. This class accommodates all skill levels and may be repeated. Prerequisite: None.  Limit: 8
Sat and Sun, Aug. 16 and 17 / 10 am – 4 pm / 2 Days
SJWR003 / Tuition: $165; Member Rate: $140
Material Fee: $25, payable to instructor at class.
Lab Fee: $25

Make Your Own Jewelry Findings
Sharon / Joy Raskin
Have you ever wanted to make your own findings for your fabulous glass beads or your exquisite bead work, or to be able to apply jewelry findings on your art creations? Then make sure to attend this workshop, which is catered for “beaders,” glass bead artists, and anyone seeking to explore how to make their own ear wires, clasps, pin backs, and more. We will learn to make a variety of different styles of ear wires and wire clasps, going beyond the usual hook clasps, such as toggles, pin backs, and hair pins. Only very simple tools are needed. We will use low-tech ways to clean and polish our findings with a Dremel rotary tool. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 8
Fri, Aug. 22 / 10 am – 4 pm / 1 Day
SJWR010 / Tuition: $95; Member Rate: $80
Material Fee: $20, payable to instructor at class

Make Your Own Chains
Sharon / Joy Raskin
In this one-day workshop, we will learn to make the Viking chain, which is an ancient design that is completely knitted by hand. By knitting we will make a tubular chain that is supple, lightweight, and beautiful to wear. In addition, variations on the Viking chain will be demonstrated. Students will learn about other methods such as using a knitting spool, a crotchet hook, and the woven chain technique. Our intricately designed chains will be crafted using 22 gauge to 28 gauge wire, either in copper or fine silver, and will be finished and adjusted through the application of tips, clasps, and jump rings. The instructor will provide wire for students to use and will have additional wire for purchase. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 8
Sat, Aug. 23 / 10 am – 4 pm / 1 Day
SJWR013 / Tuition: $95; Member Rate: $80
Material Fee: $25, payable to instructor at class


Beginning/Intermediate Oil Painting
Manchester / Stuart Ober
This class curriculum exposes the essential basic elements of oil painting practices to beginners while strengthening these techniques for intermediate level students who seek to expand their abilities. Emphasis is placed on the control of color and paint handling to gain a strong foundation for future work. A focus is given to composition and personal expression. This course meets simultaneously with Intermediate Oil Painting. Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing. Limit: 15
Wed, June 25 – Aug. 13 / 6 – 8:50 pm
8 Weeks / FB8
MPTN021 / Tuition: $176

Portrait in Acrylics
Manchester / Peter Clive
This course is designed to introduce or expand the acrylic painters understanding of the basic techniques of creating a portrait in this rapid drying medium. Emphasis is placed on “blocking in” the head and working both the light and dark masses of the form, as well as troubleshooting a likeness. Working from both classroom models and the artist’s own sketches or photographs, personal vision will be stressed. A focus is given to methods of achieving a strong composition and personal expression. Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing. Limit: 15
Thu, June 26 – Aug. 14 / 6 – 8:50 pm
8 Weeks / FB9
MPTG901 / Tuition: $176
Model Fee: $60

Old Master Painting Techniques
Manchester / Lindsay Coats
Delve into the painting secrets of Rembrandt, Leonardo, and Michelangelo as we identify how they painted lustrous fabrics, gleaming jewelry, intricate lace, soft furs, and radiant light from within. We will also explore how these methods can be used in contemporary painting applications. Build your confidence to explore painting even if you have never painted before. All levels welcome. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Thu, July 10 – 31 / 6:30 – 9:30 pm
4 Weeks / FB8
MPTN017 / Tuition: $92
Material Fee: $16

Crazy about Color!
Manchester / Jacqueline Geisner
This one-day workshop investigates the rich and exciting world of color. Why was Picasso so blue? How was Matisseso rosy? The class will explore how artists have used color to set a specific mood and tone. We will also discuss basic color theory and create a work of art inspired by a specific color theme. Students will create a custom color wheel, learn how to mix color, and create several examples of different types of color schemes to use as a reference for future work. By the end of the day, students will have a complete color toolkit they can use to enhance their art. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Sat, July 26 / 10 am – 4 pm / 1 Day / FB9
MPTN018 / Tuition: $80

Oil Painting 101
Manchester / Jacqueline Geisner
Students will explore beginning and advanced oil painting techniques such as color mixing, color value, composition, glazing, brushwork, paint application, and texture in this one-day workshop. Emphasis will be placed on proper paint handling and application processes. Students will create at least one alla prima oil painting by the end of the day. The workshop will cover all the foundational elements of the most popular painting medium so students can continue painting with oil beyond this workshop. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Sat, Aug. 2 / 10 am – 4 pm / 1 Day / FB 9
MPTN019 / Tuition: $80

Open Studio Painting for All Levels
Sharon / Peter Dixon
Develop and expand skills and existing work, and explore new ideas. The class time affords those a chance to work with the materials of their choice in any style or painting medium, from realism to abstraction. Through individual and group critiques, you will share in the creative process of other artists and become more confident in your own work. All 2D mediums welcome. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Tue, July 8 – Aug. 26 / 10 am – 1 pm / 7 Weeks
(No class July 29)
SPTN012 / Tuition: $181; Member Rate: $154

Acrylics in a Day
Sharon / Joan Tierney
Come explore the versatility of this water-based, quick drying medium. Acrylics allow you to use transparent layering or impasto, and everything in between, to achieve the effect you want. Paint on paper or canvas; learn color mixing, brush-handling, and other techniques specific to acrylic painting. Some drawing experience is necessary. Beginning painters welcome. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Sat, Aug. 2 / 10 am – 3 pm / 1 Day
SPTN006 / Tuition: $94; Member Rate: $80

Alla Prima: A Painting in a Day
Sharon / Tricia Gibbs
Manchester / Tricia Gibbs
This workshop will help the intermediate painter make quick critical decisions about composition, form, color, tone and scale using an alla prima technique. Pupils will learn how to build an oil painting within a short window of time while helping define personal expression. Through direct observational study, the student will apply traditional painting skills, such as controlled brush work and accurate color mixing, in creating a small oil sketch. There will be discussion of materials, preparation of painting surfaces, and an introduction to artists who work in this method. Prerequisite: Beginning Painting. Limit: 15
SPTG075A / Sat, Aug. 30 / 10 am – 4 pm / 1 Day
Tuition: $94; Member Rate: $80
MPTG075B / Mon, June 30 – Aug. 18 / 6 – 8:50 pm / 8 Weeks
Tuition: $176


The Essence of Watercolor
Manchester / Rhonda McCune
In this class, we will explore the expressive side of watercolor by experimenting with its fluid nature,working from observation and the imagination. We will look for the inherent beauty and abstraction in ordinary objects, landscapes, and seascapes.Techniques will include alla prima and the painterly style which is working quickly, letting the paint flow while simultaneously controlling it, and taking advantage of “happy accidents.” Come discover your creative spirit through the essence of watercolor.Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Tue, July 15 – Aug. 19 / 6 – 8:50 pm
6 Weeks / AM204
MPTG079 / Tuition: $132

Painting in Watercolor
Sharon / Mia Mead
Painting in watercolor can be simple, relaxing, and enjoyable, all the while producing exquisite results. The myth that watercolor is intimidating or unforgiving is debunked. Learn about watercolor paints, papers, brushes and more as you work alongside other beginners to develop an understanding of color values, composition and technique in a supportive group environment. Students will benefit from the general demonstrations geared toward helping all levels, as well as one-on-one instruction. This course is a great introduction to the instructor’s longer courses. Beginners are welcome, some experience helpful but not required. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Sat, July 26 / 10 am – 3 pm / 1 Day
SPTN020 / Tuition: $94; Member Rate: $80
Material Fee: $20

Painting the Landscape in Watercolor
Sharon / Robert O’Brien
This four-day workshop will cover the basic principles of landscape painting in the watercolor medium, and will be geared to all levels of painting ability, particularly, the beginning painter. Students will learn glazing techniques, use of color, composition, the importance of value and dry brush technique. Painting light and shadow will be introduced and some drawing experience is recommended. Students will learn to paint skies, trees, rocks, water, and how to compose these subjects into a finished painting. Critiques and class discussions will be held. Subject matter will be the various aspects of the New England landscape in all seasons. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Mon – Thu, Aug. 25 – 28 / 10 am – 4 pm / 4 Days
SMAW029 / Tuition: $423; Member Rate: $360


Introduction to Architectural Photography
Manchester / Jen Drociak
This class will define and examine the history of architectural photography and discuss its role in creating fine art pieces as well as its usage in commercial applications. Using a digital SLR camera we will cover photographing both exterior and interior environments, selecting angles and perspectives, solving lighting issues, and editing images in Adobe Photoshop. We will also explore early and contemporary photographers including: Eugene Atget, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Frederick Evans, Walker Evans, Andreas Geffeler, Andreas Gursky, Candida Hofer, Abelardo Morell, Nicholas Nixon, Julius Schulman, Charles Sheeler, Ezra Stoller, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Thomas Struth, among others. Prerequisite: (PHO001) Digital Photography 1 and (PHO004) Introduction to Photoshop, or equivalent skills. Limit: 14
Tue, July 8 – Aug. 12 (6 – 8:50 pm) and Sat, July 19 (10 am – 4 pm)
6 Weeks / FH202
MPHO053 / Tuition: $176

Photographing the Summer Landscape
Sharon / Guy Biechele
This intensive two-day workshop will teach you how to make better landscape photographs. Starting in the classroom on Saturday we will explore how to use the special features of your digital camera to make landscape photography easier. Following a discussion of creative approaches to landscape photography, we will head into the field to shoot at several local sites. After a picnic lunch (please bring your own) and more photography, we will return to the classroom to review and discuss our photographs. Sunday, we continue with our field photography. After lunch we will return to the classroom to review and discuss our photographs and progress made. Please bring: digital camera and manual, extra batteries, memory cards, and tripod. Optional equipment includes: different camera lenses, circular polarizing filter, and remote shutter release. Appropriate clothing is recommended for the weather, insect repellent, and comfortable, sturdy shoes. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 14
Sat, Aug. 2 (9:30 am – 4:30 pm) and Sat, Aug. 3 (9:30 am – 2:30 pm) / 2 Days
SPHT012 / Tuition: $129; Member Rate: $110


Printmaking: Open Studio
Manchester / Elizabeth Cameron
This course is designed for the intermediate and advanced printmaker interested in working independently in the printmaking studio. Develop skills with techniques such as reliefs, etchings, silkscreens and lithographs. Explore new methods such as makingmonoprints with pronto plates and intaglio prints usingsolar plates. An instructor will be available for assistance. The studio can provide a variety of black oil and waterbased inks and conditioners. Prerequisite: Basic Making Multiples or permission of the instructor. Limit: 15
Wed, June 11 – Aug. 13 / 6 – 8:50 pm
10 Weeks / FB4
MPRT001 / Tuition: $220
Material Fee: $5

Printmaking: The Art of Making Multiples
Manchester / Elizabeth Cameron
In this hands-on class, you will explore methods of making multiples with techniques such as Relief, Intaglio, Screen print, Lithography, and Monotype. You will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of procedures, tools, water-soluble and oil-based inks, printmaking papers, and printing presses. Beginning students will be introduced to each process, while advanced students may work independently with the assistance of the instructor. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 15
Wed, June 11– Aug. 13 / 6 – 8:50 pm
10 Weeks / FB4
MPRT026 / Tuition: $220
Material Fee: $5

Monotype/Monoprint: The Painterly Print
Sharon / Celeste Wasilewska
Monotype combines painting and printmaking methods to create one-of-a-kind prints. This class includes demonstrations in additive/subtractive painting, direct drawing, chinecolle (a collage technique), multiple-plate printmaking, and collograph. Delve into this expansive printmaking technique with oil-based etching inks and paints. All levels are welcome. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 10
Mon, Aug. 4 – 25 / 6 – 9 pm / 4 Weeks
SPRT031 / Tuition: $95; Member Rate: $80
Material Fee: $35, payable to instructor at class

Introduction to Silkscreen
Sharon / James Mitschmyer
Students will learn the basics of printing with silk screens using a variety of processes. We will cover rubylith cutting, photo emulsion and direct drawing techniques. Bring sketches and photos to work from. A complete supply list will be provided to students upon registration. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 10
Sat and Sun, Sep. 6 and 7 / 10 am – 4 pm / 2 Days
SPRT037 / Tuition: $165, Member Rate: $140


Patterns in Polymer
Sharon / Connie Gray
In polymer clay, as in glass work, patterns can be created by making “canes”. This fascinating technique is easy to do with polymer, but looks very complex! In this workshop, we will make simple canes and incorporate them into more elaborate designs, and use these to make jewelry, beads, vessels, or whatever you imagine! We will bake them and you will have a finished project, plus many other ideas to try at home. Students may bring their own Premo, Fimo, Kato clay – not Sculpey. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Sat, Aug. 9 / 10 am – 3 pm / 1 Day
SSCU025 / Tuition: $80, Member Rate: $68
Material Fee: $10, payable to instructor at class, or bring your own clay.

Decorative Tile
Sharon / James Mitschmyer
In this class, students will learn how to make press molds to produce multiples from a single decorative tile design. Wewill cover designing and making prototypes, choosing and mixing plaster, and basic mold making. Bring sketches, photos and other sources for inspiration to create your decorative tiles. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 8
Sat and Sun, Aug. 9 and 10 / 10 am – 4 pm / 2 Days
SCER076 / Tuition: $165; Member Rate: $140
Material Fee: $20

Faux Gems and Finishes in Polymer Clay
Sharon / Connie Gray
Polymer clay is so versatile that you can make (faux) turquoise, coral, malachite, and other gemstones that look like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost. Using powders and inks, you can create surfaces that appear metallic, rustic, or even pearlescent. Jewelry or small sculptures are awonderful way to use these clay techniques, and create a finished project to take home. Students may bring their own Premo or Fimo clay in their choice of colors. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 12
Sat, Sept. 20 / 10 am – 3 pm / 1 Day
SSCU026 / Tuition: $80, Member Rate: $68
Material Fee: $10, payable to instructor at class, or bring your own clay.

Sharon / LP Runyon
Casting in pewter is an easy process that yields beautiful small sculpture. Students in this class will design and casttheir own ideas using versatile modeling clay, will melt the pewter and learn about handling and pouring the molten alloy. Students will learn about basic safety and how theycan create their own pewter projects at home. Students will leave with their finished pieces. All ages welcome. Prerequisite: None. Limit: 8
Sat and Sun, June 7 and 8 / 10 am – 2 pm / 2 Days
SSCU027 / Tuition: $110; Member Rate: $93
Material Fee: $30, payable to instructor at class